Wether your needs are punctual or temporary, TAC Services can help you to get additionnal workforce within your technical team. 

Electrical or mechanical, TAC Services will help you on these.

Normal working days, shifts, week-ends or holidays, TAC Services will adapt its offer to match your needs. 

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repair & Replacement
  • Wiring of cabinets and equipments
  • New builds
  • New installs


You have a project to be realized on the field that needs a multi-tasking manager to supervize your activities and your subcontractors throughout the whole project and you need the guarantee of a succesful achievement alongside with your customer's satisfaction. 

TAC Services might be a good fit for you to ensure these expectations.

Its experience in several fields, across the globe through the years will serve your projects without a doubt.

  • Field operations supervision
  • Internal & External meetings 
  • Periodic reports 
  • Health & safety, environment supervision
  • Subcontractors supervision
  • Schedules follow-up & updates
  • Site/field documentation reports


On the field or back-office, you may probably need to recruit some additionnal PM throughout the years due to the fluctuation of the work load and the market share. 

For this aspect, TAC Services can then provide you with additionnal taskforce on the PM function temporarily or on a specific project. 

  • Kick-off meetings
  • Cross-functions internal meetings and scope review
  • Schedules and updates
  • Customers requirements follow-ups
  • HSE follow-ups
  • Design review and validations
  • Manufacturing & subcontrators specifications, validation and supervision
  • Project monitoring and periodic report (financial, technical, scheduling, safety, risks and opportunities). 


Most of industrial projects often need specialized taskforce such as commissioning engineers to fullfill a proper install and set up of the equipments according the standards and requirements of the final user and the regulatory commission. As commissioning requires a common knowledge and experience in several fields ( Automation, I&C, Mechanics, Safety,...), commissionning engineers are sometimes the main key for a successful project. For this, TAC Services is also specialized to provide a succesful commissioning to its customer whenever and wherever they need it. 




RFQ analysis


We recieve and analyse your request for offer, the detailled scope of the mission and its responsibilities




and Planning

TAC Services then provides its best offer regarding that mission alongside with the potential conditions 


Contract agreement

We discuss and agree on the terms and conditions of the contract and sign the contract together.


Mission launched

TAC Services then launches its mission and will complete its services as requested with your satisfaction as an objective.